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PFW - Premium Ecuadorian Assorted Colors 50 cm - 250 stems

Premium varieties included in the box: 25 Pink Floyd or Cherry O (hot pink), 25 Novia or Jessica (light pink), 25 Brighton  or Light House (bright yellow), 25 Orange Crush or Nexus (orange), 25 Cuenca or Tiffany (peach), 25 Mondial (cream), 25 Vendella (creamy white), 25 Snowbliss or Blizzard (white), 25 Sweetness or Esperance (novelty bicolor white/cream with pink), 25 Cabaret or Skyfire (bicolor peach/orange). 

Colors are determined by the farm and can not be requested. 


$247.50 / BOX
$0.99 / ITEM
250 items per box

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