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We are open from 7 AM - 4 PM, Monday through Friday, and 7 AM - 1 PM on Saturday. Sundays we are closed. 

To help us best serve you, we recommend placing pick-up orders in advance by calling the warehouse, or placing your order online. Curbside pick-up and low-contact pick-up are available, please call 301-589-4747 to coordinate.

After hours, you can reach our experienced salespeople via cell phone, email and personal voice mailbox, or you may place your order/message in the General Mail Box (extension 400) on our main phone number, and our early crew will make sure that your order is processed immediately.

We offer local delivery service through out the Mid–Atlantic region which includes Virginia, District of Columbia, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and New Jersey. If your location is outside our local delivery areas, we have special discounted rates with FedEx and UPS on next day priority delivery service throughout the 48 states and Canada (most likely by 10am the next–day).

Potomac Floral Wholesale values your business and we take our job very seriously.

We are a true wholesale florist company that caters to some of the very best designers and florist across North America

Welcome to Potomac Floral Wholesale!

Enjoy a peek at our warehouse facility - DC area’s ultimate wholesale florist destination. Come check out the ultimate wholesale florist destination at Potomac Floral and take advantage of the unbeatable variety of flowers and supplies, as well as our highly knowledgeable staff.

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Our sales, operations and administrative staff work together to ensure you receive the best customer service possible. Please feel free to contact any of our staff to help you at any time. (800) 770-8353.

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Potomac Floral Wholesale is a well-established and rapidly growing company with a variety of available career opportunities. We are a company that continually provides employees with challenge, growth, and development opportunities. We are accepting resumes on a rolling basis from motivated individuals who are looking to personally grow with our company.

Red-y or not, it's December y'all!!! 🧣🎄We've got some of your favorite things on this month's Lookbook to help you get through holiday season. Ask your sales rep for more information! (Red anemone, code: ANERE)
Yes!!! Finally! Christmas bush is here. Grab it while you can. (Code: CHIBUM)
These HUGE cremons have incredible longevity, making them a great pairing with evergreens. They have an easy two-week bloom period, where they just keep opening and getting more and more snowy-white. ❄️ What more could you be looking for? (“Magnum” cremons, code: CREWHR)
Carnations are a great fit for Christmas arrangements, thanks to their unrivaled longevity. Check out these novelty varieties for any holiday look. (Like all novelty blooms, preordering is best!) 1. "Fabulous," a cherry-red meets brick-red carnation. Code: CARNOVPIE 2. "Cheerio," a white and cherry-red bicolor that blends into a pinky tone! CARNOVCHE 3. "Amico Lavender," a cool-toned hot pink carnation with maroon edges. Code also includes "Baccarat Purple." CARNOVAMIL 4. "Baccarat," white with burgundy edges. Very vintage! CARNOMIN 5. "Mariposa," white with burgundy edges, but completely different proportions from "Baccarat!" The white turns soft pink as the bloom opens. CARPUMIN 6. "Antigua," is a suprising combination: violet + beige! The violet is actually really saturated, but the combination with the beige turns it into a really attractive, muted bloom. Great with plums and golds. CARNOVANT 7. "Creola" / 8. "Lege Marrone" under the same code, these two carnations pair mauve and beige to varying degrees. CARNOVANTS 9. "Terracotta Caramel" a peachy-beige carnation. CARNOVANTIQUE 10. "Mustard," an antiqued yellow-green. CARNOVANTG

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