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Noble Fir Wreath, 12" ring/24" outer diameter

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Since 1998, Potomac Floral Wholesale, Inc. has worked with the premier local and global growers to supply the Mid-Atlantic and Washington, DC region with the finest flower wholesale product such as fresh cut flowers, green and blooming plants, foliages, and tropical products. Our mission is to bring the broadest selection of the finest, freshest flowers to market with the highest level of customer service in the industry. Wedding flowers are our specialty. Whether we are sourcing domestically or globally, we purchase the best.

We work as the exclusive area distributor for leading Ecuadorian rose farms, local American growers, and we import directly from Chile, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Canada and more. We offer custom direct ordering from Holland and special-order programs. In season, we carry a vast selection of locally grown and bush-cut products including sunflowers, peonies, ranunculus, herbs, dahlias, lilac, hydrangea, viburnum berry, and blooming branches. If it’s blooming and beautiful, it’s at Potomac Floral Wholesale!

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Welcome to Potomac Floral Wholesale!

Enjoy a peek at our warehouse facility - DC area’s ultimate wholesale florist destination. Come check out the ultimate wholesale florist destination at Potomac Floral and take advantage of the unbeatable variety of flowers and supplies, as well as our highly knowledgeable staff.
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Our dedicated sales team supports each customer with quality service & expert knowledge with after hours assistance via email, text and online ordering.
Premium Farms
We import directly from best growers in Chile, Ecuador, Colombia, Thailand, Israel, Japan, Peru, Costa Rica, Italy, France, Holland and Canada
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Our warehouse features huge walk-in coolers with fresh cut flowers and foliage, as well as large supply show room with everything a florist needs
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We offer overnight shipping across the US, same day local pick up, and delivery
Yes!!! Finally! Christmas bush is here. Grab it while you can. (Code: CHIBUM)
These HUGE cremons have incredible longevity, making them a great pairing with evergreens. They have an easy two-week bloom period, where they just keep opening and getting more and more snowy-white. ❄️ What more could you be looking for? (“Magnum” cremons, code: CREWHR)
Carnations are a great fit for Christmas arrangements, thanks to their unrivaled longevity. Check out these novelty varieties for any holiday look. (Like all novelty blooms, preordering is best!) 1. "Fabulous," a cherry-red meets brick-red carnation. Code: CARNOVPIE 2. "Cheerio," a white and cherry-red bicolor that blends into a pinky tone! CARNOVCHE 3. "Amico Lavender," a cool-toned hot pink carnation with maroon edges. Code also includes "Baccarat Purple." CARNOVAMIL 4. "Baccarat," white with burgundy edges. Very vintage! CARNOMIN 5. "Mariposa," white with burgundy edges, but completely different proportions from "Baccarat!" The white turns soft pink as the bloom opens. CARPUMIN 6. "Antigua," is a suprising combination: violet + beige! The violet is actually really saturated, but the combination with the beige turns it into a really attractive, muted bloom. Great with plums and golds. CARNOVANT 7. "Creola" / 8. "Lege Marrone" under the same code, these two carnations pair mauve and beige to varying degrees. CARNOVANTS 9. "Terracotta Caramel" a peachy-beige carnation. CARNOVANTIQUE 10. "Mustard," an antiqued yellow-green. CARNOVANTG
If you want it, we can get it! You just have to ask 💗 (with like 7-10 days notice...) We do our best to provide a large selection of unique blooms and specialty products, but we can't read your mind!!! If you want to play with something special this winter or holiday season, give us a heads up and we will bring it in!!! 1. Double fullstar anemone strawberry (ANEPIND) 2. Muscari (MUSC) 3. Paperwhites (PAPPOP) 4. Anemone pure white fullstar 5. Festiva maxima, white peony with red streaks (PEOWHFESTIVA) 6. Dark blue hyacinth (HYAB) 7. Star of Bethlehem (STAMB) 8. Pink and green pon pon (RANPC) 9. White tulips (TULWH)