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Remember when flower crowns were the thing? It was an inescapable social media phenomenon and remains a frequent wedding day ask. Interestingly, these viral, ubiquitous flower crowns ushered in a slower growing trend: flower wearables. Flower accessories have graced the cover Florists’ Review, have been the subject of numerous training videos, and are the sneak trend for wedding parties, brides, and even prom or homecoming looks.


Woodland botanic shoe design courtesy of Francoise Weeks. Photo by Gwen Severson.

Here are some tips, tricks, and supply hints to help you stay on top of this trend.

When making wearable flower designs:

  1. Choose blooms that perform well out of water. Select anything that you would use in a boutonniere or corsage. Many blooms, even super hardy blooms, should be hydrated and allowed to harden in a cooler before being used in a wearable. Use dried product or succulents for a guaranteed last.
  2. Consider the event and circumstance. Will this be worn while dancing? In direct sunlight? Fashioned to a rowdy child or animal? How do these factors contribute to the flower selections and construction?


A textural and luscious amaranthus sleeve courtesy of Susan McLeary.

  1. Know your mechanics. Seek training opportunities to learn more about how to build these designs to be structurally sound. There’s a wealth of knowledge online. Here are a few resources we found:
    1. Use the tips from Hitomi Gilliam’s Floral Headpiece video to make flower bracelets, necklaces, and garters. Notice how she finishes the backside of her mechanics to protect hair and skin. Observe how she creates complicated armatures for larger wearables.
    2. Listen along to Sue McCleary’s interview on The Flower Podcast for insightful tidbits and inspirations.
    3. Francoise Weeks uses a wire base and glue to create a textural flower ring
    4. Poppy Flora Studio uses a hat as the base for a floral headpiece. Consider using headbands, clothing, and jewelry as the base for your flower wearables.


  1. Be prepared with the necessary design tools: Wire, tape, glue, wristbands, chenille, hot glue, ribbon, and the right floral product.


An elaborate wire and floral necklace courtesy of Viva La Flora Designs.

Check out our Pinterest Board for some eye-catching wearable inspiration!


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